* The Delivery of the Pen is not included. Instead, Each Pen purchased by you, will be Donated to Animal Welfare of the UAE.
Winners will be announced in January 2024

Each pen will buy you 1 ticket

Purchase a pen and receive an equal number of unique tickets. By participating, you stand a chance to be the lucky winner in our upcoming January 2024 draw.

Price: 10 AED

Total: 0 AED

Your Tickets

Winners will be announced on

AED 11,000.00

1st Draw

22 Jan 2024

AED 100,000.00

Final Draw

30 Jan 2024

How to Participate

Buy a pen

When you will buy a pen, a unique ticket number will be provided to you. You can buy any number of pens.

Wait for results

The Results will be declared in January 2024, LIVE on our Channel. You can buy any number of tickets before the draw dates.


Once the results are declared. The winners will be awarded with the winning prize.